Seoul garden

Monday, November 8, 2010

Seoul garden with my classmate feat rodney.
OH well, anqi owe me one for that dinner.
You know why huh anqi!!!
I was quite disappointed that seoul garden food variety has shrink to only 20-30% of what they used to have!!!! Very upsetting!

The poster behind , that lady was laughing..
"HA HA HA!You got chopped carrothead alr."
Yalo...Thou is only $16+ for that meal.
But still feel cheated.=(

This is my dessert,
a ben and jerry inspired ice cream.
Got cake la, honeydew la, atap seeds la...
colourful tadpoles pearl la..peanut grind la..many more.
LOLOL..mix them tgt and eat, shiok!
G sent me home after the dinner.(:
Thk u.(:
And wel,, this is how i get my stomach upset today!=(


  1. seoul garden looks to me as succulent korean food that reminds me of pat bing su I had in nyc.

    1. Yeap. i think the original korean bbq is best

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