Thursday, December 23, 2010

"I saw mummy kissing santa claus....."

"I wish you a merry xmas, i wish....."

"Rudolf the red nose raindeer, have a very shiny nose..."

Im very happy as the rest of the months from dec onwards will be filled with activities.
After Xmas will be New year 2011 and then Chinese new year..

After my new year, i'll be graduating soooooon.


I decided to swim and jog and gym after my internship.

I gonna explore more Food around Singapore.

LOL. Im not very rich. I might need to work first.

REPLIES to all QUESTION MARKS from my readers.
(Email replied)

1. What am i currently doing, where my money comes from?
Im havign my internship now. Studying NYP. Doing freelance modelling at times.

2. You sure earn alot since you're doing modelling.
Actually no. Im not that active in events and shoots. And im stuck working full time now.

3. What bb cream is good?
Bio essence product range, CUskin, Dr jart bb cream(:

4. How do you know those guys in my blog whom i went out with, you seems to meet alot guys randomly?
Those guys are not online friend. I met them from events i did, friend of friend and Contest. I don't usually meet guys out. Unless i knew them in person. And even so, i only meet particular person.(:

5. What should i do to reduce my pimple?
Pimple cream, reduce spicy food, wash your face with salt water.

6. How do i slim my thigh and butt?
Jogging and stretching works..Reduce on fatty food and take more water.

7. Where can i get the eyeliner you featured in your blog?
I got my stuff normally from sasa.

8. You ate so much but how do you maintain?
I normally reduced fat food the next day..and work out more.

9. How many bf do you have?
One in a life time.

10. How did you manage to find Rich man to go out with?
I don't find them and they don't find me, they are just my friend whom we met in person b4.

11. Why you and your sister always quarrel until so badly?
Chinese 8-character not match. 八字不合 lol

12. Where do you cut your hair?
I haven been going to a salon for ages..many years.
I normally trim my fringe myself.

13. Where did you trim your eyebrows?
I trim myself, not say budget, but becos i trust myself more.:D

14. Why all the guy you met so handsome one?
Im borne lucky?:D

15. You look like a Gold digger.
Hmm..If you think im hot enough to cheat a rich man? Tell me about it then.

16. Did you do Plastic surgery, you look very different from the past.
HAHA!Im not rich for it. Im good in face coutouring makeup.

17. What kind of guy do you like?
Physical: Taller than me, average looking, not too fat or skinny, qcceptable complexion.

Mentally: Not childish, but fun loving, Shy at times, Cute(act cute and really cute), Serious and sincere, friendly, able to communicate well with my family and friend. Have a plan for future. Sense of humor, gentleman and sweet and understanding. Willing to spend time all on me. Love their family, care for their friends and more on me!:D

Bonus: Cook for me, have a transport, able to give me a better living.

18. Can i have your old blog link?

19. How do you get into modelling?
Thru friends who spotted me and slowly thru network.(:

20. Did anybody told you that you looked like phyllis quek?
Yea, but im not as hot as her.

21. You can Sing and look really beautiful, why didn't you be a Singer.
LOL.Im not that good.Not that hot. And i like my simple life now.
I admit im dumb, i cnt handle complicated life.

22. You look so much like your eldest sis but not your elder sis, why is this so?
Me and eldest sis look like my Dad and elder sis and bro more like my mum.
Anyway, thats a very weird question.LOL

23. You appear in STUFF magazine before right?Where can i get them?
I don't think 7 11 is selling it still, it's Dec 2010 issue.
The copy expired alr la!:D

My view on Cyberbully and blog war
Yea, don't ever since when, Blogging seems to be the common way of attacking people's personality, looks, blogging style, actions, lifestyle behind the screen, and we called them "Keyboard warrior".
I don't like to blog about any recent or hot topic on Blogger quarrelling or fighting here and there. Shooting like an arrow..piercing into people's life is not my style.
When i was younger, 2yrs ago or so, blog war is very common.
And now more n more common.
I cannot imagine people are bringing up other's quarrel issue to side who ever they like or who they hate..And make things worst.
And such like, for e.g,
"I think WHO is in the wrong..Cause she scold "WHO2 for nothing"
"I think WHO2 sucks, she's a whore"
Whats that for, why do you wana bother bout ppl's life? They quarrel, just stand aside and see lo..Don't put one leg in disturb disturb la.LOL
Im darn angry because, one period of time me and my sis quarrel really badly.
And some caring readers or some haters came into story and start commenting on us..Making issue worst.
Both of us tot, the critism is from her friends or my friends. Get it?
I understand when we decided to blog online and publish it public..such incident will happen. But i definitely not happy not for this issue but for those reader who like to ask about the past and stirred up bad memories.
When you are in bad mood.
You talked bout it..When things over, you're still asking bout it.
WA LAUU!Goodness...
But overall, im quite happy that i don't get so much spamming from haters..
`NOT THAT CHIO to get haters
`Im straightforward
`I got nothing much to spam, spam alr.not much effect on me thou.
Why im not angry over them?
`Only loser tag without real name and email that people can track them
`People who spams are just jealous
`No matter how much they comment,
they only repeat watever they commented in the first tag.
`Spammers afterall my reader who give me UNIQUES for each visit they made and comment.
` They are just bored la.
Anyway, I will be going back to my cooking/baking life soon.
No, im not training to be a housewife.
I just love food, eat nice food, multiply food.
And im super happy that im turning 21st next year soon!!!
"Cos 21st birthday cake bigger and i can eat more!!!"
One thing that make me hesitate to get married.

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