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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I always find time to camwhore during work when there's nothing to do la.LOL
EXUCSES OF CAMWHORING- Treasuring my youth now.
As i grew older, i will realise how cute i used to be!=X
Just kidding!

Hold your breath........


Okok..sorry for being stupid and lame. lol
My ladyboss made us Eggtarts today!!
Taste really good. It will be beta if it's piping hot from the oven!~
She went for cooking and baking class.
I wana join as well, but i doesn't know where to register!=(
Had my buffalo wings with ah yang and ah ni and thaiboy today.
Met my In-charge(Boss) there too!:D
Level 4 like no kick..And i suspect the first time we went for the SO CALL level 3 is not really level3. I think the crew gave us level 6!
I swear, the taste of level 4 is like nth, no kick as conpare to the first time i tried.
Anyway, emails on any of the guys in my blog will not be entertain.(:
They are my buddy/bro or somebody special in my life.
Don't intro me your cousin or friends. Please no. Thanks.(:
For those who found my facebook, sorry that i didnt accept you, as the current account is meant for friends or people i know.(:
Im not trying to act Proud ok..Don't worry(:
I do reply Stranger's messages online too.
Last week, when i was out with my friend,
Jnelt, one of my buddy, she texted me that a waitress from Yumcha asked about
us, if she is LINDA NG or JNELT as she felt that we looked too alike.LOL
Im quite shock as i had never been to any yumcha outlet before.
The waitress might be one of my reader. HAHA! Anyway thks babe for recognising me/us.
Jnelt is prettier! Her eyes bigger. LOL
Spot me/us again soon and say hello to me okok?!:D
FHM singapore contacted me for Upcoming New year Edition photoshoot.
Very good exposure. But sorry, i don't like to expose my fats to the crowd. LOL
I turned it down. I believe all mums' doesn't like to see her own daughter flaunting her assets, and attract the wrong attention right? LOL
Im still thinking what should i do for Newyear Eve.
Hmmm..i can only think of food!
I just recovered from Gastric Flu and i can ANYHOW EAT alr!:D
YAY YAY YAY! Thou it's just 2days..i felt like im being locked up and torture for 2weeks leh.
So torturous. *SOB*
I randomly felt that im just such a normal girl.
And im always that normal. I know.
It's always somebody out there make me feel different, unique and special.
But that kind of feeling doesn't seems to last.

Just because it's just not my kind of life to enjoy being special..
or it's just a common practice among HUMAN.
But whatever it is, i never like to let people down and as well as myself if there's a choice.
And there's always a choice if you're still alive.

Be who you are, be brave, be firm and strong, be nice and honest to people and yourself,
you will not fell so hard and hurt so much.
Im just a 20 years old girl,
what else do you expect from me?

I cannot provide a decent living for my family or love ones..
but i definitely have the strength to care, to love, to feel for them.
Till the last drop of blood dries up.


Im that random.

But you must always remember, never do something that is opposing honesty and feelings.
Feelings is always right. Follow your heart not your mind or your FRIEND.
No people can hear or feel you as much as your love ones do.
They are the ones that lives in you. In your life, your world.
Don't let them down.

Just be yourself and have faith, people!(:



*Bigger hearts to accept everybody in my life*
I doesn't have enemies thou. I cannot use the very big phrase," LOVE MY ENEMIES" lols.
*Do not trust anybody so easily*
*More independant*
*More street Smart*

I made it in forgiving every mistakes anybody made in year 2010.
Reduced my temper to up to 70% in year 2010.
Be bit outspoken in 2010.
Least "ROAD LOSER" in 2010 as i manage to made my way home right alone! in 2010.
Take the right bus, alight right station, at the almost right timing alone in 2010
Least dumb in 2010.

I WILL BE BETA in 2011!!!!

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