Zhiyue's bf Karkong birthday

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Working gives you money but doesn't brings you health.
For people who stays in office for long hours and did not move much..
I would advise you to stop taking oily fried food.
That's a vicious cycle for your body..
Imagine for each stick of fries you took,
you will have to jog two rounds to burn those calories off...
and this does not include the oil in it..fyi, those oil convert into stored fats in ur body..
The only ways to flipped them off is to burn away your muscles before the fats are gone..
Which is impossible and also very bad.
So i decided to have a 4-5days healthy meals a week...And i would give myself a "OFF" day..
for junkie.:D
But that doesn't means you can eat as much as you like on that OFF DAY.
You can have kfc, or wateva you like but not overboard la.:D
Unless you dun mind your whole entire hardwork to go back to zero.
This is what i've been eating these few days(:
Less or no oil boiling+steam.

Karkong's bday yesterday.
I ate quite few marshmallow and im satisfied alr!:D
Lucky i did not finished the whole pack man.

Oh oh! I've been really busy recently.My msn down, hotmail down and really very frustrating these few days. No..not pms or mense, just really headaches.=(

Will be updating real soon. Anyway, have you tried the bubbletea from amk that i talked about on my older entry?:D
Go try kkkk!(:

But if you got addicted and got fat, please do not blame me..
Cos i gonna be fat too! And let's hug and cry.:D

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