God's unfair? No. He's not.;)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What you are seeing is a world recognise LIES.
Plus a world torturous transforming.
Everybody's saying, God's unfair.
They give that girl looks and brain, but didnt give it to me.
Or they give her assets and didnt give me this or that.
Think about it. Nobody is perfect. A girl who looks good definitely has got something she lack of that some other people has it.

Im not borne beautiful, Slim(Which im not la), im not brainy.
Im slow and blur and the only strenght i have is, persistence and perseverance.

If you hate me cause i got big eyes , sharp features, as..
Let me help you brain wash your mind and feel beta?:D
Im the one on the right.
Yes, the first thing you gonna say..

"OMGGGGG, Whose that alien?!"
During my high school periods,
im very chubby, maybe say fat?? ..LOL
You couldn't see my jawline in every photos.
And the most noticable ones was my eyebag.LOL
Im not afraid of people saying me ugly without my makeup now.
Because, they haven seen the worst.LOL
Now, they have seen it.
I guess thats nothing much to say about my looks..
cos i got both ugly and both glam!:D:D:D

Seeing here is believing..
Who the hell willing to share their ugly moments to public
just to make them understand IMPERFECTION.

Im ugly and fat but i work it out to achieve a beta me.
Diet, exercises, dressing up and makeup.

All this has to be done in order to get the LINDA-THE-RANDOM look now.
I push myself further and tolerates all pain in order to get what i want.
But now im lazy uh..so alot flaws coming back to visit me!:D

But tell you, there's nth in this world is impossible.
If there's faith, there's hope.
You wanna look good, first is to FEEL GOOD!(:

Anyway, i did not go thru plastic surgery!:D

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