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Friday, January 14, 2011

Makeup Tutorial with Bio Essence BB cream.

Lips Contouring.
Cover Dark eye rings.

Silky Girl loose powder.

Now, the parallel(extra double eyelid) part:
Simple isn't it?;)

Im not going to have another round eyes look.
This time, a eyes lenghtening look.
Have a thicker eye line at the end inside of the inner eyelid to get the effect!
After i got my hair dye brown,
black brows pencil is kinda too dark for me.
So, i choose a brown tone instead. After pencil-ed the brows,
brush to blend them.
Eyelash- I always use a Flare out lash(Longer at the end).

Ya done with everything after the last step of applying mascara.
That simple. Practice practice practice!:D
Dress up.
Ready to go!:D
Well, i don really dress up if im just going out.:D
Singlet and shorts and slipper- my trademark

Met up with Sweet had had our new hangout place Fareast plaza.
Veron the ah lian love that place alot.
End our day with fat food.
Whats more fatter, i end mine with Fried Mars bar.
Wa lauuuuu....
I can feel my fats oozing out from my pants, my panty, my shirt, my......and where ever la.

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