Ugly but adorable!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Who says Pug always look sad!:D

Anime obssessed pasta.

"I did this to make you laugh, master."

Year of rabbit, pasta wanna look like one too!

This is what i call wolf in a lamb sheet.

They might look ugly,

but they are beautiful in their hearts.

My pug doesn't bites even if you snatch her food off her face or play with her food.

Never once.

Unlike some owner got bitten just because they took their Dog's food away.

Pasta only follows the bowl goes with her face in the bowl when i took her food away.LOL


But she's kinda rough when she's playing with you.

She only "nibbles" when she play with you. She don't feel any anger even if you scold her.

She will quietly walk to your lap after everything ends.


Thou Pasta grew up and not so cute anymore la..LOL

But still adorable in our eyes.

Be it love or responsibility.

We will never abandon our pets.

We should never abuse them.

Don't adopt any animal just for the sake of PLAYING.

Treat an animal like your baby, your kid.

Cos they are living things, they have a heartbeat.

Especially Dogs, they can feel your feelings more than you can feel theirs.

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