Cayenne Pepper Diet

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A new and healthier ways of fasting for good figure and health!
Cayenne Pepper with Maple syrup diet.
Yes, sounds crazy but people is the western country tried them and works very well for them too!
They called it the Master Cleanse. For it's super detoxing factor.
It's a 10 days fasting FYI.

Below are the few side effects and symptoms one would feel during the diet.

Hunger & Cravings

One big hindrance one will face is that you will feel hungry while you are embarking on the cayenne pepper diet. This is especially so during the first few days on the diet when the body is getting used to the diet.

Many people try to conquer this by chewing on the food and not swallowing but they could not resist the temptations.

More experience dieters would share with you the better ways to conquer the hunger like adding a little more maple syrup to your lemonade. However, this can only be done at the specific amount.

For more detailed information about conquering hunger, you can discover more from this site – Master Cleanse Insider


For heavy coffee or tea drinker, where they consume a lot of caffeine on a daily basis, it is common that they will experience headaches during the cleanse. The body during the diet would try to detoxify the caffeine in the body and reduce the caffeine addiction. After the diet, your dependence for caffeine would greatly reduce.

Skin Irritation and soreness

As the body is trying to detoxify the body, besides eliminating the toxins from the bowels, it is common that the body would purge toxins out from the skin. As a result, when the toxins are purge from the skin, you can feel irritation as well as soreness.

Mouth soreness can be a very common symptoms when you are embarked in the cayenne pepper diet.

These symptoms can usually last for more than one day. If your body is full of toxins, it may take a longer time for these symptoms to disappear. However, you also should take note that if the whole process gets out of hand, do not hesitate to visit the doctor.

Common illness

Other common illnesses such as runny nose, coughing, nausea, diarrhea, can also occur during the diet. 85% of the people face these symptoms during their diet.

After reading these symptoms, do not get disheartened or discouraged from trying the master cleanse. These symptoms are temporary in nature and your body would be better after the cleanse.


* 2 tablespoons organic maple syrup, grade B
* 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
* 1/10 teaspoon cayenne pepper
* 10-14 ounces distilled water

And you will get a serving of your drink.

I had my first serving today, and i decided to start it next week after my gathering session with my friends.LOL

During the 10 days, you're not allowed to take in any food. If not you gonna spoil the process.
Which you doesn't want it to be. But never hesitate to see a doctor if you really got very sick during the process. ;)

After this diet, many claims that their body is healthier, lesser flu and illness, increases vitality, detoxing smoothly, loss weight, some weird illness gone after 10 days...

I very adventurous one, i sure try de.LOL

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