Busy week!:D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fitting for sea asia. Collect my uniform the day before my work!:D 3 days at MBS. Food there were so expensive! Lucky our two clients were really nice. Brought us for good food!:D

My third day also end with good food.

Thanks elynn! heh...
My pretty partner for all three days.

She took care of me. So much like my big sister!

She kept saying she's old .. but she looked younger than me. OMG!I need more beauty sleep!:D

Forgotten to take more photos , with the other two hot babes, chantel and lurvies!=(


Next day after Sea asia, had a shoot.

Met up with sheena.

Amaryllis meet us there.

Esther so pretty la!!!!!
I like her hair!

Yea, very boring post with only picture!

Wil update something entertaining soon!:D

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