Sunday, April 24, 2011

Met up with Sheena at PS.
We walked to Grand Cathay, wanted to dine at Aston, but our time is running out..

So meet the other girls, reiee and chloe for some indo food at basement.

Chubby face!=(((

Reiee is like skinnyyyyyy..

Time to diet!:D

Chloe and Sheena

Shine and Charmaine meet us all at Old School.

Super comfy and hip high cut shoe from puma.

And...we did not manage to take them home!;(
My type of guy(without tattoo): Pan asian

GEORGE, a good e.g....LOLOL

No, im not sleeping.LOL

John seah, one of my photographer came along with another familiar photographer too.

Ok, i forget the other photographers name! SORRY.

Free drink, free game, free prizes, free oogling at celebrities..

What a beautiful day!:D


They were there to take polaroids.. I can't skate, but i wanna skate!!!LOL

Met alot Facebook people there.

Should i feel honour that they recognise me. LOL

They were really nice ppl thou. HELLO STRANGERS!
Good you guys have that courage to say hello.. HAHA..

End of work - No party but sleep!

Tired because of too much fun at this event.


Thanks sheena!

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