Slimmer, shaper, toner me in 1 week

Saturday, April 30, 2011

When for Bio essence event today at Bugis Junction 8, California Fitness.
Had an 30mins Zumba Dance workout. Feel really tired after that.
Hmmm..Try on their Bio essence new Celebrity's Choice INCHLOSS body cream Extra strength.
And now, the challenge for the biggest "LOSER" is on.

1 week later, top 3 will be announce after the final measurements taken.
Bloggers who attended this event were all skinny ppl. LOL
Don't understand why they are here!! Make me feel so guilty can!:D

Anyway, 1week of diet, exercise, Inchloss Shower scrub plus Inchloss Body cream extra strength.
1 week of hell. NO JUNKIES.=(

Let's see whose the most "eh tahan one"(can tolerate)..on the 8th of may!!:)

Anyway, after the scrub and cream....My body is heating up right after my massage..
SUPER HOT. I can feel my flabby reducing...Oh ho ho~~~

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