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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sorry didn't update recently. Im still working or my jap skincare company and I'm happier now. Hee! Met up with my lovely Jnelt and sheen- the other day. Wah, I miss those n my beloved Jnelt always got mistaken as twin. And happy to see her again! Hoho.
Was pretty happy with my life now. Been going out with my Pt and his frens. My cute tattoo siao. Haha!! And I got more time alr!! Can finally date all my girls out too. I miss steamboat with Shuana, amaryllis, Wanzhuo and Sophia at mootaka!!!!:((( and also miss my crazy girls, sheena, Rochelle, Yixiu and all. I've been isolated by work for so long and I hardly get to see my beloved sis Kaikai also. Wah, I felt so bad. Hopefully I could plan my time well and meet all of them soon. btw, I'm leaving for hong kong to work on 8th nov. 1 week. Pls pls miss me ok!!? And I grew fatter le!! I need to gym;( I started to feel old alr, my skin getting worst :((( but I know u guys will still love me right??!! Heehee. Anyway, u guys who has been following me since my old blog, I'm really glad you all are still with me. It's a form of love and care. I appreciAte u!!!:)
P.s: Ptbf and benno's why so classic why so cute?! Hahahahahaha

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