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Friday, October 7, 2011

The first thing people talked about me, is my eyes.

Recognise me, by my eyes.

Praise me, by my eyes.

Oh well, eyes. We gonna let them shine!

Above: Lens code WBS202

Run out of ideas getting beautiful eyes?
Makeup doesnt seems to work as good?

Then, you will need a pair of Colour lens to enhance your eyes to make them look Better & Brighter! Shinier!:D

All along i've been a fans of Geo lens.
You know, online lens are pretty risky. Either the Supplier's a scam or the supplier got caught.

There goes your hope.
Online lens are illegal in Singapore. People who are caught were really unlucky.

And people whom still getting online lens, they gotta live in fear.

You must be thinking, why am i so so so confidence in getting Geo lens since i mention Online lens are illegal???

Hmm...after this post, all you people gonna love me even more.

U gotta fear no more.

EYESATION, a Legal authentic Geo lens distributor in Singapore!

Above: Im wearing XCM215
My secret to big dolly eyes.
Buy genuine GEO lenses here!

No waiting time! SERIOUS??

How to purchase:

- Create an account with eyesation.
Verify the mobile number as they will send notification on the status.

- Proceed to the optical shop, they will do an eye check for me and order for me!!.

- There are shops around Singapore where we can purchase the lenses from :
- Tampines
- Hougang
- Ang Mo Kio
- Clementi

- I collect the lenses from the optical shop within 3 working days!!!!!
-Safe and secure. No need to scared of scam!

- We want to buy it legally and have a piece of mind when wearing authentic GEO lens.

- Do not buy from blogshop as you never know if it is genuine.

- As the lenses are monthly lenses, if we change the lenses on time monthly, we can be sure the lenses are cleaner.


Eyesation make easier.

Live and pampered our eyes better!

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