Monday, January 30, 2012

Changed my foundation to darker tone and accidentally achieve that japan 109 chic look. But still, many prefer me with my usual fair skin look. Been working hard and had little time to blog!!:(
But pls do stay here ok??! Lol
Lucky my besties love me, and i finally grant one of my wish, is to watch two movies a row in a day. How fun?! Last wishes is to eat my full round cake with bare hands. Grab and eat. Shiok right! Hehe..
Last sun was a fruitful trip. Went church with reiee n sheena, very inspired. And had lunch tgt with michael after that. My 2rd attempts on korean food. Seems ok actually. This is the life i want. Everybody has their best friend, but it doesnt mean anybody can be your best friend's best friend. Its always good n logical to give more and you will sow more. Becos God trusted your generousity, knew you can carry his task, so he would give u more and u could give even more. True. Bt always remember ,"self-sufficient" and "faith". Don't ask me change bf, i believe you dont just threw your pc away when it doesnt work. You kick, slam, slap, TALK, to make it work. Yes, talk. Sometimes i do talk to my pc and gave moral support when it doesnt work. Lol! Ok, got to sleep, nightss..

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