Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bit and pieces of memories will be buried. They say there's no true love anymore. But if there is no true love what people are seeking for only happiness which can be given from any form and from anywhere. Why resort to hurting people to get that thrill and happiness for a while.
They say the one you marry is always the one you dont love the most.
Some hurt somebody because they are afraid to love too afraid to trust.
Some people choose to leave because they didnt know how it feels like to be love and not used to been love therefore they run away.
Some people who are confused if they love or they don't because they have mixed feelings.
Which is common. And people just feel that leaving is the best instead of working on it.
The perception of love has evolved and people become selfish. Or probably i would say they love themselves more and care themselves before others.
Its normal, and i should learn to love myself more too. Somehow im stubborn.
I just hope one day, either human will be more loving and i can be least stubborn.

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