Lovemore White crystal & platinium peptide whitening duo lifting mask

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Latest "turning back time" lifting an whitening mask- lovemore white crystal & platinium peptide whitening duo lifting mask.
Almost similar to the recent posting for sexylook whitening but this is even more intensive.
I would suggest you guys to start off with the sexylook for 1month before switching to lovemore series.
This mask is suitable for normal to dry to oily to combination skin. I would advise sensitive skin should refrain from using too much whitening products. For lovemore mask, probably few other series is pretty mild and safe for sensitive skin.
I would have to say, after 1 week usage of lovemore, my pimples were least angry and red!!! And some recovers well without deep scarring. :) happy yo!

It retailing in watsons and drugstores now!!!:)

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