Menya Musashi Ramen

Sunday, July 22, 2012

 Ended my work and came to raffle city for Awesome ramen.
They were talking bout this super huge amount of ramen they had the day before.
Very nice but they cant finish thou they had a 2x portion.
Baby took me here to try it. And jem had 3x portion this time.
Im curious bout the 5x so .... 

I took up the challenge.

 I dint expect the bowl turn out to be that big! As i actually did research on it before i came here.;(
Photo is deceiving.LOL

See the amount of 3x and 5x.
 And we all cant finish. Ehem*
Its an experience thou.
$15/ bowl free upsize up to 5x.Which is a 600g of ramen. I guess i can keep the balance for a month.
You ant order one bowl and share. They count by per pax. AIYOOO..
So i would recommend big eater to come here for a 3x. extremely big  ones, 4x is good enuff.
5x is when you are bout to die and you wanna eat like no tomorrow. WELCOME TO TRY.
Normal human 1x is good enuff. :)

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