K Palette Eye Catching Moment @ BHG

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Was invited to K-Palette’s Eye Catching Moment with Bloggers event at BHG Bugis last Saturday.
K-palette is a Japanese cosmetic brand where they focus alot on the eyes makeup product. I attended their previous event at FIKA and they were really generous enough to sponsor us so much of their products till then i have yet to finish them. Just in case you might be thinking what are the products that i have been using most of the time? K PALETTE. 

They have the long lasting 1 day tattoo liner and eyebrow liner that i really adores alot. Just imagine, you going down into water and came out with no smudgy eye and your brows still there.

IM NOT KIDDING! You can get it at watson and try it. I bet you would love it too!
Above is the photo of my face with makeup base concealer and powder.
Currently im using their Concealer. Bcos im running out of my shiseido.
To be frank, i doesnt like any concealer on market other than shiseido. Their coverage Suck.
Then i tried K palettes's O KUMA CONCEALER.
The coverage wasnt as high as my usual ones. But its enuff to hide my ugly spots.
And definitely the 2nd best among most concealer i've tried. For people who doesnt like concealer that gave you sunglass tan look around ur eyes area. And need to be able to cover spots..
I highly recommend you to try this.
 This liquid based. And not too fair. Im using TONE 1.

With Their eyeliner and eyebrow liner & Mascara, could get you this BIG EYE EFFECT.

Seeing this products here makes me super excited.HEH!

The 1DAY Lash Perm introduces a curl keep polymer, acrylates polymer that enables eyelashes to curl instantly, with a single stroke. The polymer also reinforces the durability of the curl, ensuring that the curl effect lasts throughout the day.
Another ingredient added to this 1DAY Lash Perm is pullulan, which creates long and defined lashes that do not clump.
Japanese make up artist, Miko Yatsu, doing a Demo at this event. 
Specialised in bridal makeup as well.

Demo Model waiting to be transform!

Sorry didnt manage to get a shot of her before the transform.
But she did looked prettier after the demo. WAS HOT BUT HOTTER!

Looking at those simple steps..
that Ms Miko has break down for us. 
It's even easily if you had a really good products where you doesnt have to worry that look

The most exciting part was, we are going home with those SUPER GOOD STUFF 

And yes, my pretty after transform looked can stay for few more mths.
Before it runs out again.

Thanks K PALETTE for generous gift and also preparing Food & drinks form starbucks for us.
And thanks William our photographer for those wonderful pictures.
And making me looked slim!HEH!

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