Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My eldest sis baby's face like BUN.
So chubby! HEH
 Cute nephew. Just like me. Awww...
I guess you gotta the urge to slap me alr.:D

Had movies. Premium rush with Jeff & his gf.

Seriusly,i slept half the movie away.
 and we had food.
Sick of it.HAHA

Been working and working. So tiring. Lucky i have my Mark & Spencer Percy pig gummies.
Samantha's fav. HAHA

Still many hours more to end work. 
Hmm..i should say, this is just the start of the day. 

after recovering from sickness, Pasta slimmed down alot.
I can feel her bone by her waist alr.
So poorthing.:(

Oh ya, talking bout my job.
I seriously quite happy with my current ones.
My friends always ask me what i do. I could only reply, marketing lo?
Gonna go back to work!CYA PEOPLE!