Friday, May 10, 2013

I used to have really bad scarring and marks.
Really bad.
And many people told me, my marks will always be there.
I can only refrain from getting more.

Well..UNTRUE. I could make tiny ones disappear and big ones reduce.
Been thru a hard time in the past trying to get rid of these ugly marks.

and now...my skin in fact recovered and marks are less visible.
I do mask, toning, sunblocking and many many things.
And it does help, but too a long time for a small result.
An unsatisfying result.

So, i resort to piling on concealer and makeups to cover.
And slowly, my skin condition got worst.
Become dry, peeling and sometimes overly oily.

Below is the worst condition of my skin, which i believe is cause by allergy.
So.. this red marks behave like they paid their rent and settle there for too long.

Then, HADA LABO came into the market. 
And kick those unfriendly Angry "tenants" off.

 Readers has been asking what are the products that im using that helps my marks to go away.
And whitening sort of stuff.

Way before HADA LABO, i used loads of whitening products.
Hmm, doesnt work well. Cause outbreak. 
 My mum's using it too.:)

My boyfriend mummy got me one of these too.
After the use of this lotion, i reduce on my mask and many many hectic steps on skin regime.
And the result was as good as Masking; Toning and using additional Whitening or brightening serum. Seriously, investing in just one bottle..it actually save me alot of trouble, time and money!

Yeah, its crazy!
Just imagine spending 30mins of your live a day just trying to slap in a pathetic amount of vitamins/nutrients to your skin and still it doesnt work.

counting on the time i had for all these excess troubles..
I could actually sleep more!
 *photo taken 2 weeks back*
Prolong usage.
Undergoes patience for at least a year.
Still have marks, but less visible now.
Result may vary. Some might get the similar result in shorter time. Or may took a longer period.
For me, i did control my diet that crucial period of healing.
I took no soft drinks, no DARK SOY SAUCE(as the older ones mention it develop more dark melanin), no sugary food for 1 month. Very much like A slimming diet.

Check out my complexion now. Brighter and lesser visible scars.
I've been working in a beauty & spa company.
Got quite alot of tips from my therapist.
Arbutin contain VIT-C. 
And vitC helps to increase elasticity of our skin, and helps in whitening as well.

was to use it after cleansing at night. You can skip on toning.
Too much stuff on ur skin will just end up lying on the surface and trap more dirt.

in the morning, you can use a lil bit before sunblock. 
15mins ltr after lotion then continue your makeup or sunblock.
Let the lotion stabilise and absorb into your skin.
Try to avoid the sun as content in Arbutin might over react and causes outbreak.

Arbutin is best used in the night time before you sleep.:)


Yes. Im one satisfy user of HADA LABO!

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  1. You look better than ever, oh btw! Have you ever tried any effective skin whitening lotion in the Philippines? Try gluta-c if you ever get the chance, or have one shipped. The effects are nice, it's Kojic acid based btw.