Miracle bio spring water adventorial

Monday, January 28, 2013

Was elated to received Bio Essence products again from EK MEDIA.
It's nice to see a collection of it, because i know im very pampered by them.
Thank you Bio essence and Ek Media for making me look pretty day by day. heh..

20 Marvelous Results for
Hair, Face & Body   

(more than 20 for sure :D)

Uniquely low in mineral content yet rich in trace minerals to ensure 2X cooling, soothing, softening, moisturizing and anti-irritating effects.
Ideal for all skin types, Bio-essence Bio-Spring Water is the coolest spring water that yields the best soothing, anti-irritation and calming effects on skin. Adapting unique Bio-technology to combine Spring Water and Bio-Energy Fluid, Bio- Spring Water contains trace mineral to create energy to stimulate blood and oxygen circulation.

For vain ladies like me, have makeups on everytime we are out, 
we cant wash our face to stay awake or refresh when we are feeling the heat.
This bottle is really put for great uses.
You will need it during your work or school, if you stay in aircon room for long.
This will help you hydrate your skin and not smudging your makeup & doesnt clog pores.

If you are those smoker, drinkers..spring water will help your skin to reduce the speed of aging.

If you are workaholic and you drank alot of coffee..it could help you replenish the water lost in your skin, which also prevent sagging. TOO MUCH COFFEE IS BAD FOR SKIN!

Anytime, when you got nothing much to do, bored..you can spray some spring water on your hair.
Keep your hair moisturise. Good for coloured hair. 

If you fell, and you injured yourself, use spring water to clean the wound, before applying any oilment. I tried on my boyfriend, it reduces the pus and dry quickier than usual injury.

Under the hot sun, spray some spring water to cool down. 
It does help in whitening but please please please still apply your sunblock!

If you got any mosquito or ants bite, try getting some spring water on the affected area.
Might help the itch yo!

EXTRA more power tips for you!!
When you are doing your mask, spray some spring water on it.
If you have a really thick sunblock, mix a little spring water with your sunblock to dilute it, apply unto your face, it blends better to your skin, absorb faster.
Refining pores and whitening result wasn't obvious.
But for sure, reducing itch and hydrating and refreshing my tired eyes, YES.
I stayed in Air conditioned room most of the time plus MAKEUP.
So..the only way to get them hydrated was only this.
And i always got bites from somewhere in my office, ants in my room commando trained.HAHAHA.
Ahh..then I would spray the spring water and wash with soap and i will spray it again.
Does help a little. Not sure if it's just psychology or the water really working it's magic.Haaha.

Watson’s now has a promotion for the Bio Spring Water! Get 2 large canisters at $31.90.
I'm giving away 1 of 3 travel size Spring water to all my loyal readers in Singapore! 

Write in to me at lindasaycheese@live.co.uk,
 to receive your bottle of Bio Spring water now!
Remember to include your address and name.
Subject include, " I want to win this Bio Spring water" and tell me how much you would love to win this little miracle water.

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