Thursday, November 14, 2013

What’s excitement? It’s when you received a box of gift not knowing what’s inside but you know is definitely something worthy! HEH.
I received my OCTOBER Black Box and im super excited to try the samples out. Pretty awesome stuff in there.

What is Black Box?
Black Box is the first free unisex lifestyle sampling box in Singapore
Black Box brings to you with each edition pleasant surprises coupled with loads of fun, rewards and a healthy dose of curiosity satisfied – without costing a fraction of a penny.
All you have to do is subscribe on http://www.BlackBox.sg and it’s absolutely FREE! Like them on FB for updates and exciting Giveaway Friday: http://www.facebook.com/BlackBoxSG
Black Box gives you opportunities to not just sample products but also to sample lifestyle treats via Black Box Vouchers!
The Black Box team is constantly on the lookout for exquisite shopping/spa/dining deals and discounts to share with Black Box subscribers.
Black Box also wants to provide an all-rounded sampling experience,
Therefore you will not find 2 moisturizer samples, or 2 hand cream samples in the same Black Box, because otherwise how would you know which to try out first right?
They also encourage our subscribers to try out the samples immediately and give us their feedback, therefore Black Box also gives subscribers a chance to win full sized items if they complete a survey on the samples that they received in their very own Black Box and submit to Black Box via a simple online link within a limited period of time.

Black Box’s website (www.BlackBox.sg) has recently gotten a facelift!

With the enhanced features of our new website, you can have more control over your Black Box subscription by logging in through our website using your user ID & Password.

If you are currently a Black Box subscriber,
you will have received your user ID & Password in your email.

Exciting Black Box features:

ü  Black Box Subscription/Eligibility Status (real-time)
ü   New Balloting system for redemption of Free Black Boxes.
ü   Update your subscription details
ü   Purchase Exclusive Black Boxes
ü   Secure your Free Black Boxes by paying for your own courier fee

Eligibility to receive Black Box is dependent on:

1.                   Balloting. Every Black Box subscriber will have 1 chance at balloting for every edition of Black Box. If you have subscribed to Black Box, you will receive email notification whenever balloting is open.
2.                   Securing your Black Box by paying your own courier fee of $6 here: http://www.blackbox.sg/index.php?main_page=products_all

Fun fact:
Black Box has sent out more than 13,500 FREE Black Boxes right to the doorsteps of their subscribers to surprise and entice them with an all-rounded sampling experience & useful vouchers with lifestyle deals and discounts since they first launched their 1st edition in February 2013!
They have conducted more than 26 rounds weekly giveaways via Giveaway Friday on their Facebook Fan Page! [https://www.facebook.com/BlackBoxSG]

Let’s check out the these little surprises inside!

Lovemore Mask Assorted
Bifesta Cleansing Lotion
Zappy 5-piece sampler pack
VDL Beauty Moisturizer
Nuxe Mini Brightening BB Cream SPF30
Darlie toothpaste
GlucosCare Tea

*Product Name: LoveMore Eye Patch
Personally, im quite a lazy person and eye care was never in my list for beauty regime.
To me, it’s just a small area of skin and im wasting my time on the two pieces of things on my eyes. OR having to apply products on my eye area waking up having eye irritations.
Very redundant and useless as it’s just a piece of tiny curve fabric wet with unknown hydrating lotion.  Then I notice the this cute eye patch mask, so I decided to give a try. Im surprised. SUPER!!  It’s Jelly-like texture fit nicely unto my eye area and it sticks there really well. Doesn’t came off no matter how I flip and hop. HAHA..Very convenient and 15mins ltr after removing it off, my dark rings really seems to lighten alil and it’s no longer that dry before I used it.
Another plus point that encouraged me to use it was it’s not oily after usage.

Where to buy: www.Secretive.sg, BHG, SaSa
Price: Box of 5 sheets @ $11.90

*Product Name: VDL CC Cream, SPF 25, PA++
Was having really bad breakout about 1-2months bad having all this bad scarring braks my heart and the flaky skin during the recovery too as im going through some acne control treatment. But, im not advisable to put on makeup as it gnna clog again, BUT HOW?!I having events and all, so this sample really comes in handy in making me looked human again. My skin is so dry that concealer could not really cover scarring well. Plus, I have to apply sunblock everyday. Super troublesome. The other day I tried this CC cream. It blends into my skin really well without leaving me looked like geisha and the coverage is acceptable! Not too light or too thick. No worries on bad clogging pores. Wee~It doesnt dries my skin too!

Where to buy: Suntec City #02-338/339, Jurong Point (Opening Soon), Bedok Mall (Opening Soon), Bugis Junction (Opening Soon)
Price: 40ML @ $50
How to use: Smooth formula onto face with fingertips and blend in an outward circular motion as needed.

*Product Name: Bifesta Cleansing Lotion
Gentle but powerful water base lotion that thoroughly removes makeup & dirt, contains Green Tea Extract for Pore Tightening.
I am a existing user of Bifesta Sebum cleansing lotion a months bad after my bad breakup, as advised by my beautician that oil cleansing is a killer for my skin. NO GOOD FOR OIL/COMBINATION SKIN. So..i changed to this. I removed my water proof eye makeup and you doesn’t need double cleanse after using it. Doesn’t dry up my skin either! That’s one magical holy water babes!!! Must buy. There’s other two range for dry skin & dull skin to choose from.

Where to buy:  Selected Watsons, Guardian, SaSa, Fairprice, Nishino pharmacy and Meidiya.
Price: 300ml @ $16.90
How to use: Wet a cotton pad with Bifesta Cleansing Lotion, let the cotton pad soak on the skin for 10 seconds before gently wiping in outward motions.

*Product Name: Huile Prodigieuse Oil (Normal/Shimmer)
Indulge in the No. 1 product  in France – Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil made from 97.8% of natural ingredients which can be used to nourish and repair the face, body and hair.
Im pretty sensitive to use anything containing oil-based on my face. So I tried it on my hair and my ugly dry toe area. Hmmm.. you wouldn’t see a big change on hair/skin texture in 3 days. To be frank, but after a week, it’s improving! Hair doesn’t tangled up as often and my toe skin is softer and looked less like a ugly piece of rock you found by the beach. Yes, my toe skin is quite dry and tough. I don’t do pedicure for the past 23 years.

Where to buy: Robinsons, John Little, Beauty by nature and selected stores at Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Sasa, Metro and Unity.
Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil
50ml @ $40
100ml @ $68
Huile Prodigieuse Multi-Usage Dry Oil - Golden Shimmer
50ml @ $55
100ml @ $88
How to use: Apply this Dry Oil to your face, body and hair all year round, in summer and in winter.
Mix a drop of Huile Prodigieuse® with your usual foundation for easier glide-on application with no sticky effect.
Spray a little Dry Oil into the palm of your hand then gently tousle your hair for a natural result.
Sprinkle a few drops of Huile Prodigieuse® into your bath for a truly relaxing experience. 

*Product Name: Brightening BB Cream SPF 30
Prolong your brightening action and perfect your complexion with the Brightening BB Cream SPF 30 PA+++ which instantly unifies your complexion and diminishes the appearance of dark spots, beautifies and moisturises.
Where to buy: Robinsons, John Little, Beauty by nature and selected stores at Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Sasa, Metro and Unity.
BB cream, can be your woes or your bestfriend. Some clogged my skin like mad thou it stated non clog pores. Some claim to have really good coverage but I barely hides my tiny mole. Some stated it doesn’t oxidised into other colours after hours but I turned red in 2 hours. THANKS for making me uglier. Pretty sceptical on bb cream these days, but since it’s free so I gave a try. HAHA..im a loyal to a fault person for beauty cosmetic. People could tell me all bb creams clog pores but I know it makes me pretty, I don’t mind hunting best bb cream out one by one, brands after brands. Giving myself a chance to always maintain my image. HAHA..I kinda like the coverage and I finished off with little mineral powder/pressed powder to achieve a matte look.
So far, doesn’t agitate my super attitude acne. I would say, worth a second try!

Price: 30ml @ $58

*Product Name: GlucosCare Tea
I gave it to my Mum to try as she’s having high BAD cholesterol & my maternal grandma has diabetes history. Guess it gonna take at leats a month to really see the difference in health. So far so good, My mum told me she could detox smoother and it’s pretty convenience too!

Where to buy:  Guardian, Watson, Unity, OG, FairPrice, Mustafa & Chinese medical halls.   Online: imart.com.sg  Price: A box of 24 sachets @ $15, box of 60 sachets @ $35

*Product Name: Darlie Enamel Protect Toothpaste
Darlie Enamel Protect shields, seals and strengthens tooth enamel for healthier teeth. Available in both Original Strong Mint and Mild Mint
 teeth, I doesn’t have a straight set of pearly teeth to start with. Keeping it clean and decay is the best of what I can do for now. So far, No toothpaste have given me any problem. So does this. Hmm, but what I usually do with toothpaste is that, times when ive got really huge acne, I would apply a little darlie tooth paste on it and leave overnight, it dries up! HAAHA.. But careful , it might be too strong and might cause scarring. Its just my personal experience! For me, it works pretty well way before I have my regular facial to maintain my complexion.
Where to buy: All leading supermarkets and pharmacies.

Price: 200g @ $3.55
How to use: Refer to product packaging for instructions.

*Product Name: Zappy Sampler Pack
For lazy people, this is good. You doesn’t have to carry your entire bottle of sunblock and sanitizer out anywhere you go.

Where to buy: NTUC, Giant, Cold Storage, Unity and Guardian.

Price: $2 - $5.50 per pack
Zappy Sun System Sunscreen Wipes - 6pcs/box
Zappy After-Sports Wipes - 8pcs/box
Zappy Insect Repellent Wipes - 8 pcs/pkt
Zappy boy Alcohol Wipes - 10pcs/pkt
Zappy boy Antiseptic Wipes - 10pcs/pkt

Simply subscribe at www.BlackBox.sg  and and key in “Linda BB” in the referrer code column and stand a chance to receive your very own FREE Black Box!
Also, “like” Black Box on Facebook because they have exciting Giveaway Fridays and the latest promotions on their Facebook page!

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