Thursday, January 23, 2014

It's the most common method of removing facial hair. The disadvantage is that the effect is
temporary and the procedure has to be repeated periodically. It is useful for areas like the upper lip and the eyebrows.

 In fact, threading is done to shape the eyebrows. Frequent waxing can cause skin irritations.

On sensitive skins, there can be redness or a rash. Avoid threading on areas with
eruptions, like pimples or acne. A zinc ointment or ice can be applied to soothe the skin.

How long does it last?
Threading on the brows and lips lasts anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. Facial hair on the sides
lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

Why Threading is better than Waxing?
Threading does not peel off the top layer of skin. Threading just grabs the hair and pulls it out without irritating the skin. Most people find it much less painful than waxing. Hair does not grow back as fast. Because threading gets the finest hairs out it tends to last much longer.

Therefore, after each sitting the re-growth of hair is slow and scant. Skin does not get as red
and irritated. Threading practically eliminates any redness or swelling of the skin. It is anti-acne.

Most people who break out from waxing do not experience this after threading. Threading is completely safe and even recommended by dermatologists. Hair does not need to be long, but just above the skin. The hairs have to be only above the skin to get threaded.

Re-growth of hair is fine and smooth. The perfect arch. Threading is very precise, the result is a perfect brow with a tailored arch. Leaves skin smooth. The result of threading is a clean, silky no-mess look.

Threading is an art form creating clean lines with precision, while refining the appearance of the face. Threading is the answer for those who are looking for a natural, hygienic and relatively painless technique for removal of unwanted facial hairs.

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