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Monday, March 31, 2014

Soft Exfoliator, Gentle Wash, Sun Block SPF 30, Moisturizer Cream.

HealDew comes with a concept of “SSS” –Standard Skincare System
A unique system that works for all skin types for Anyone & Anytime..

What is “SSS”?

A Standard Skincare System that consists of 4 simple steps with 4 products; Cleansing, Exfoliating, Moisture, Protecting that works together with our effective products.

“Make your skin Healthy and Glow”

Sea Kelps
This cosmetic ingredient abundantly contains nutritional elements and has moisturizing, whitening and anti-inflammatory effects. It excels especially in whitening effect and it restrains generation of melanin and diminishes pigment deposition by ultraviolet.

Hydrolyzed Pearl Essence
This ingredient is extracted and refined through several process of powdering pearl shell and other shellfish. Because of moisturizing and activating effect to skin, this ingredient is utilized into cosmetics for conditioning skin, preventing dry skin and anti-aging.

Marine Collagen
Excels in maintenance of skin elasticity and functions as a excellent property for moisture preservation of skin




Heal Dew Travel Set @ $72nett
(Soft Exfoliator, Gentle Wash, Sun Block SPF 30, Moisturizer Cream.)

Free Normal postage delivery.
OR pick up at any of our Bonafides Outlet.

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