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ADORE takes a revolutionary approach making them both ultra slim and hygienic. ADORE Sanitary Napkins come with the added benefit of being super absorbent. The premium ultraslim, and highly absorbent sanitary napkins are aptly named Daily Freshness, Active Days, Dreamy Nights and Comfort All Days.

This entry, I will be reviewing their best seller – ACTIVE DAYS. My favourite too! :D

ADORE's ACTIVE DAYS is just one thing no girls should miss out.


5 unique points of ADORE SANITARY NAPKIN that you must know and you’ll understand why I love it so much.


ADORESANITARY NAPKIN contains high concentration of Negative Ion which effectively inhibit bacteria growth and promotes freshness throughout the day.
Breathable leak-proof based & specially designed layer helps me feel barely there and fresh even after 5-7 hours of heavy flow. NO LEAKAGE BECAUSE IT REDUCETHE RISK OF CENTRALISED OF CLOTTING. HOW AWESOME!
ADORES’s STRONG & GENTLE ADHESIVE STRIPS. Most brands in the market only give me….HOLE IN PANTY OR SHUFFLING PAD. I’ve only got two choices back then. Either it’s not sticky enough to stay, if not sticky till it left holes on my underwear. WAH THANKS.
High Absorbency Is the most important criteria in order to be listed as the BEST NAPKIN IN THE WORLD to me. Any napkin that doesn’t absorb well, I might as well use a tissue paper.
Extra softness and non-bleaching..RASHES-FRIENDLY. ME LIKEY!



Needless to say, period is women’s worst enemy.

I love how Adore actually reads our mind and created theseisproducts that literally solved all our major-minor period problem in a shot.

This product in fact reduces up to 90% of my burdens. LOL


1st – I HATE THICK PADS. Just how bulky it feels and its plain annoying. Back then, whenever I looked at my nephew in his diapers, I say to myself, “ I FEEL YOU BRUH”.

ADORE ACTIVE DAYS is just so thin and light, it had me feel so barely there. I almost forgotten I’m on my period many times that I even asked my friend out to swim. #TRUESTORY


2nd- I’VE NEVER LIKE “plastic” or silicon texture pad.ADORE is so cottony that it feels so breathable and fresh. It does not give me rashes or light abrasion from trap heat or humidity for using plastic feeling pad. Ladies, You know what I mean.


3rd- How much I hate it when I’ve activities in the day and always worrying about the leakage.  My movement is restricted. My mind couldn’t stop worrying about staining my dress/pants. So… I’m physically & emotionally impaired for a week. Especially on weekend. OMG. There goes my #YOLO night.

Alright, so much about my rave on ADORE ACTIVE DAYS.


It’s your turn to feel happy too even on your RED DAY. Here’s where you can get this little magic.


You can find ADORE だいすき at all WATSONS, GIANT,SHENG SIONG & Selected Minimarts Islandwide.



ACTIVE DAYS ($5.85), DREAMY  NIGHTS ($4.65), DAILY FRESHNESS ($5.30) & COMFORT ALL DAYS Introductory price of only $3.70 till the end of April)




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