Flavour Flings Cafe

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Situated in the heartland, Flavour Flings has nothing short of other cafes out in town, be it the variety of dishes offered or their freshness of the ingredients used. 

This cafe started since last year Oct and were co-owned by two beautiful ladies and a humble young chap. They met at a French cafe one day and decided to have a biz of their own. One of the ladies were Muslim. That's when they started this Halal-practiced cafe. Mr Chef were Shawn's (one of the founder) course mate back then during their culinary class. 

The interior and drawings are all done by themselves from scratch. 

Baby and I had Iced Chocolate and Mint Tea while waiting for our mains. 

Eggggggg..on my [ Flings' noodles $15 ]. 
The combination of Truffle oil, garlic cream and assorted mushroom just gotta be the next best thing for lunch/dinner in their menu. 
Introducing [ Eggs Jupiter $17 ], one of their signature over here. Poached eggs blanket-ed with Nacho Cheese. Brunch anyone? 
All their eggs are oozing sexiness. Too much...Too much. I oozed nothing for the past 25 years. :(

Safe to say, I'm super satisfied with the meal in my tummy. Now what? 

Girls can never say NO to desserts...right? 
Sweet dreams are made of ME!! 

Just kidding! 

It's made of [ The Awesome one $11 ], Salted caramel with fresh banana and a dash of roasted almond flakes pancake of course.

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