Some minor updates about my boring life

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Been really lazy for the past few weeks. I'm still not getting used to this working adult life. The work life balance struggle is real!
I ate really healthy for 2 weeks straight during my lunch hour in office. Spending this body-loving days with an extra hot cayenne pepper...questioning myself whenever I got my tongue sent to hell, "why am I doing this to myself." And the vicious cycle continues for another week. I did feel slightly lighter and healthier (IM KIDDING). 

At least for two weeks, I'm not suffering from food coma. 

So, just a month back. Contacted by Japalan's boss to attend a Sasa X Klara Cosmetic launch. It has been so loooong since we met. He didn't age abit! 

Tried out Klara's goodies and I'm in love with makeups again. Hahaha! Girls problem. 

Unarguably the best water-proof liquid lipstick. That stays the whole day.

Kiss-proof? Wanna do a test with me? Hehehe

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