Cocoa Hair Shake Reviews

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Cocoa Locks send a pack of its consumable hair product over a month back.
So I've tried its Cocoa Hair Shake and ready to provide a non-bias review for it.

So what Cocoa Hair Shake aim to achieve for their user?
Longer, stronger & thicker hair. Guaranteed.
Convenient: Just one mug a day
Clinically proven fast hair growth
Better absorption than traditional tablets
Only 32 Calories
All the vital vitamins and nutrients
Delicious Hot Chocolate for fabulous hair
Have seen many positive reviews about it and decided to give it a go even though i do not have any problems with my hair. :D  But of course, if it does help to give my locks a beautiful shine, healthier bounce, WHY NOT?
This drink is pretty light but it is not bland at all. Like a light version of MILO drink. I added only hot water as i wanted to taste its original texture. I was not disappointed.

In terms of growing speed, I'm not sure if its just me or the drink as my hair naturally grew alot faster than most people so its not a good judgement yet. BUT, i do notice lesser hair fall in time which is something i felt really happy about. (AT LEAST MY MUM STOPPED NAGGING ABOUT MY POOR STRANDS LYING AROUND THE ROOM) HAHAHA!

That's all folk.

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