I slimmed down at least 2kg today!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Pale face.:DDD
Back from school.
I bring pasta down for a walk(run).

I had very little for my dinner.
And went down again for a walk(run) with my sis and pasta again.

Wa lauu...pasta kept running..Am i like chasing after her like mad..
Sumore she is so tiny la..and im like drag by her....Shitttt...=/

I guess im slimming 20kg in weeks to come just to WALK pasta.

She super relac one sial.
She just gei gei lay on the grass and rest
and make me go over and carry her all the way home.

I cnt stand her laying around..SO DIRTY LA!
It makes me feel like im rearing a Dog or Pig?!


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