My sweet girlfriend's treat!(:

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eat also wanna take photo!
Actually, me oso la.
I knw what i wanan get le!
HK Yuan yang.(:

A little bit more time for bracing!(:

Thank you sweet veron.
I still love you even though ya dating with me in your apron!:DDDD
This is what i called beautiful. Veron and I went ION. We saw Faye, one of the VIP ambassodors. She look so beautiful in person! So healthy and pretty yo! Reading her blog was like eating vitamin, i must say. Let's get motivated and start to go healthy. Shall we ditched the oily and fatty stuff right now? Gimme one more chance hor, i can make it de!:DDD
When people jealous,
they are just too afraid to let the others know they ate vinegar.
Michelle, vinegar nowadays very cheap hor?Many people are buying leh.
Value drop liao.LOL
Well, everybody smelled it. Gincheng too!
Lastly, there's no point to blog about the whole incident that happened recently.
Cos, i seriously don't think there's a need to wash dirty liner in the public.
Im termintating this case for now.

Thanks for those who care for me. You guys are greatly appreciated.Really.(:
And for those who dono anything about it, i suggest you to shutup.
Or put down your fucking names b4 blahhing rubbish here(:

Nobody should knw what all this actually about.
How it started.And why it started.Only two person.
Cos No one has told the whole story.
Don't act like you know.

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