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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I wanna learn how to baked a sponge cake.
A cake for occasion like birthday kinda cake.
Oh ya, anybody knows how to make whip cream?

Googling on cakes and i found some interesting.

Oh ya, i ditched my diet plan.LOLOL!
I ate alot of rubbish stuff.I shall restart it some other days.LOLOL!
For my experienced, cutting down on carbo really does help to slim down alot.
But if you got Fat thighs and slim boney top like me.
You just gonna slimmed your Boobs away before it goes to your thigh.

Nice Advert.But Bit irritating la.LOL!All 4 advert has it's linked stories.

Quite meaningful and sweet story actually.(:
And so, the scorpion guy is him. And the one who threw the bottle is oso him.:D

I quite like this advert too.(;
They are so creative la!:D

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