Monday, September 21, 2009

I love this song.
I love The movie, Legend of the Demigod.
Im so crazy with it recently.Almost bought the DVD!:D

oH YA UH..why she name Linda, i oso linda.
She so pretty and her voice so nice..Mine like crap uh?=(

Catch two movies with Gincheng in this 3 days i met him.
The ugly truth male lead was the one who acted in 300 spartan as King Leonidas.
It's all about sex and relationship. But it wasn't as dirty as American pies..For at least they didnt show all the actions and stuff..Ehem* Kind of like a Mars VS venus books for dummies.:D
Loads of things to learn...And loads of crap to share.(:
The phobia 2 was another kill time movie. You might be a little disappointed with phobia 2 if you have watched (4bia)phobia 1. It was surprisingly not as scary as the first phobia i watched.But...
The story were kinda refreshing still. I prefer the last story. They are using back the old actors from the phobia 1 who acted the CAMPING story that part.As you remembered, the 4 cute funny guys who only realised they were already dead in the end?Opp..i just said the Story title for the last story in phobia 2.Yes..In the end, was the title.They were realting it back a little. And they were using back the name still!!!!Same name! And same old Annoying and funny characteristic remains. They were so cute la! hmmm..most of us laughed instead of being frightened:D. I would say, the last story is the best of all.
I guess that was what the director was hoping us to laughed too after being so tensed up by the previous 4 stories.(:

Horrifying funny!:DDD
Sorry..Im too immune to horror such that im not really scared off by this movie.:D

But more horror movies to hit before they ends!MUAHAHA!

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