Imposter couple shoot:D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Met up with Alvin, my partner and Yiming, our photographer for a couple shoot.

Yiming was really good in photography.The feel he wanted was there. And the composition was great!(:

Seen many beautiful shots he did with christine. Im so eager to work with him.(:

We went hort park and a place behind hort park. Really a good place for wedding shoots.
We met 3 brides and groom along our way.(:

That alvin uh, keep making funny face. I keep laughing...I mean we keep laughing.
It's really hard to act like real pair if you're not trained enough. You might just end up laughing the whole 2-3hrs if you are really very shy!:D

Overall, it's a fun and new experience though(:

Im waiting patiently for yiming's photos to be process.(:

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