What a memorable day!:D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Met the crazy girls for kite flying and picnic.
See...they are so happy.The sky are so blue..WAH!
I tot it was stupid as the LRT people passby the track will notice us in the middle of this field eating!:DDDDDDDD
I know i got great and happening cute friends!(:

15mins ltr..Rain liao!=.=
And sheena mildly fly for 5mins..or less?:DDD
Super spoil. So they suggested to go somewhere with good space and got shelter.





Sengkang mrt station outside.=.=
Oh ok, quite good idea.And its legal.
Well...hmm..the yellow mat bit annoying and doesn't seems right at here uh.:D
Oh well, heard bout Naughty G this supplement drink?
Me and sheena tried it.
The green tea flavoured ones..Taste quite nice eh.
Oh ya, the drinks suppose to make people who drank it and feel horny and active.
But well......We are still as firm and steady leh.:DD
Met classmate, aifang,melissa and gerald to eat steamboat!:D
At Novena, chin huat live seafood steamboat.
rating, 4/5
I think is cheap and nice. $22.25
There's people helped to BBQ and teppanyaki our food.(:
And we are just doing the steamboating ourselves!(:
Good thing was....we are not going to stinks! And there's aircon there too!:D

I like their brownie there.

And the BBQ chicken was super crispy!

100 grams of live prawns and 100grams of crab are limited to each person.
So roughly 2 grilled prawns and 2 or 3 steamboat prawns given. But if you finished that live prawn, there's always a dead ones for you to grab(:
As for the crab, no replenish.That's it.:D

My Pork belly is good! I like the juicy fats on it..SO SWEET eh.(:

The BBQ Sweet potato is really got standard one eh!
No fight! Seriously!I love it! It doesn't tatse as dry like those you tried b4.
The smell and so different from the normal ones i tried.(:

Shall had another steamboating soon!:DDDD


  1. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the lovely post, Dont kno how I got to your Blog, but took time to read thru, and I think its informative, intresting n thought provoking...! Cheers... keep it coming...!

    1. Thanks for the support. Sorry for the super duper late replies.:(