Stupid or what?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Asience product advert casting.

I went for the casting for Asience hair shampoo advertisement today.
I must say the pay wasn't bad, but.....i was asked to cut my hair to shoulder length.
=((......The client wanted to engage me if im willing to compromise(sacrifies). Im effing happy when my agent told me that.

I was alright and kinda agree to do it.
When i stepped into the room.....OMG.
I backed out=(

I couldnt bear to threw away that inches of hair. The hair that i grew for so long..
And just nice, the shooting hits on my school day. And i couldnt make it.
And my agent seems abit frustrated when i told the client i couldnt make it.=(

But well, i duno if i made the right decision. For at least, i made my stand of protecting my hair!:DDDD

I left with no regrets but....i feel bit stupid for backing out nw.=/
I never feel so regret before aye....*LOL*

John told me,
"since you rejected it, you don't regret uh."

Shit man...I really bit regret..But i think i will be more regret if i cut my hair.:DDDDD vry vain.

But tat idiot always tempt me, he sure you really don't want to work?
He always say i didn't give myself a chance!ANGRY*
Yes. Bit regret and bit happy still.

I keep telling myself i cannot speak well, don't waste people's time.:DDD
And now, i feel beta!(:

I was really lucky to have good jobs.
Lucky to have people who give me chances.
But i think im not good enuff for that big project.
Im not pretty, i can't speak.=(
And im really stupid to backed out on almost alot of big projects.=(

Shit..Emo again...shhhhhhhh...
I dun wanna say le.=(

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