We are slackers.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Her face always lidat.I never bully her hor!

Wanna go out huh?I Give you a RIDE!
Shit, caught bullying pasta in action.

Met Sweet at Orchard.
Walk ard ION and then went Mc to slack as usual.

Went PS and slack. Had our lovey dovey dinner.
The very nice Indo grilled fish set!(:
Went home ard 6plus..met up with my lovely girls for dessert!
My mum thought i look prettier in glasses.
Liar lo..Dun want me wear lens only.:D
My eyes feel so freee!No lashes no contact lenses!!:DD

Back to play my cafe World!
Tml gonna meet my lovely girls to fly kite!
And picnic!YAY!FOOOOOD!(:
Evening meeting Classmate for steamboat buffet!YAY!

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