Happy girl again:D (UPDATED)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

These are my saviour.LOL
They are really good. Trust me.
This cream im using is UDM cream..For peeling and dryness and acne.
Dr Chan doesn't allow me to get the repair/scar cream till all my bumps are cleared.
But i got some info from Dr chan's ex patient that the scar cream/repair cream is not that good.

And they only goes back for his cleanser and UDM cream.(:
Some patient still taking UDM cream for few visits b4 moving on to repair cream.
As for repair cream they doesn't encourage me to waste money.:D
Some recommend me Egyptian magic cream.

One nice girl actually offer me a little to try on my scar..
She claim that around 3-4 weeks will see the effect.(:
And many Hollywoods star were using.

It's really expensive about $40+ if my math didn't fail uh.
But high chance its wrong la..:D
Singapore should be selling around $50++ . For a 120ml tub.

You guys can actually go youtube and search for the reviews of this magic cream.(:

olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly, bee propolis, divine love.

Seems ok:D
I very vain one..Ugly also must look decent one. HAHA

My skin now is recovering..Super fast eh!Just left with few marks.
The anti-biotic the dr chan given tends to dry up my skin and lips.
And had to drank alot of water to keep the moist.

And i guess that was how it works..To make u drink alot of water to flush it down.
And to dry up and force all ur landmines(Hidden pimples) in ur skin to come out.

Seriously..my skin has never being to clear b4.:D
But..im afraid if i stop the medi..These demon gonna come back again.

But my neighbour suggest me to use sensitive skin cleanser like CETAPHILS.
They are mild yet strong to removes bacteria.:)

I still feel like gettin the creams and pills and cleanser back from dr chan when i finished them.:D:D:D
No secure ah..if i stop.:D

But veron told me, anti-biotic might Cause FATNESS.OMGGGG..FATSSS..I think is bloat.:D
I hope its a myth lehh..I don't wna look like a doraemon. Next time take photo must use wide lens..If not half my face will kenna cropped off.=((((

Im now drinking like at least 1.5ml a day..in order to flush out the toxin.
I don't like water..But i had to..If you guys hate the plain taste, add abit salt or honey..
This shall be just nice for you..

For me..im those couldn't even drank 1 cup per day.And now struggling to 8 cups..COOL LEH!
For the sake of beauty.
But its not good to keep drinking if you're going out later..HAHA
I keep running to toilet man..Major turnoff.:D
Although ION toilet very nice la..But see long will sian one you know?

Probably when ya outside, drink sufficient amount..not too much. And bring a lipbalm with you in case ur lips dry..Do not wet it with ur tongue..Your lips will get even worst:D

During night time, i couldn't drink much water from 8pm onwards..so my lips will be very dry after the Antibiotic. So i actually apply bit of olive oil to my lips..It works!!!!!!!! For first few mins only..=.= After that, my lips went dry again..but not as bad as before.(:

And thou the scars are still there..for at least..my face are glowing!
YEA! Very healthy looking now.:D

Enough sleep..Sleep early..
My mum always nags me..saying..
"Your face alot "PEM-PER" cause you never sleep early..All the heat goes up to ur face uh"
True..And skin renewal timing is around 10pm-2am..
And your organs are resting around 11pm-3am..Sleep around 10 is really good.:D

But i always got insomia la..:D:D:D:D
Thou im on my bed at 10pm..im turning here and there till 1am:((

I think im getting kiwi everyday soon..
They helps insomia..My dad used to ate it..and they reallly works..:D

My mum forced me to eat orange everyday..Said to have loads of vit c..That could reduce scars formation by repairing damage tissue..But i think Vit c in tablets form is better right?

Enlighten me pleaseeeeeeeeee......RAWWWRR

HAHA! I think im going back to use my mask after my treatment..
If not my skin gonna dry up like im having 10x botox man.

A lesson to learn..do not anyhow use or eat unfamiliar stuff that you never use before.
Im still quite happy that my birdnest mask is actually not the problem that cause my skin irritation..If not i gonna throw all my money away man!OH NOO...

Heng uhhh..:D

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