Thursday, March 18, 2010

Talking about working or jobs during my holidays...
Cos alot money fly awayyyyyy~~

Rejected four shoots and two events in almost 2weeks.=(((
....Why does it have to be this timeee.. The most dui one was from aki, a Car magazine shoot.OMGGG.. I think good money and exposure eh.=( I think i have to wait about 2more weeks in order to get back to work. Right now, im available for teddy bear costume la, KFC chicken costume la, or any mascot job.OCBC need mascot not uh? Hire me leh..HAAHHA PLEASE INTRO ME! Grrrr... That one confirm no need makeup.:/ So hor.. don't make me sad kay. Support my blogshop yo?!Then i can earn bit for living.:D

This is consider my first time having so much opportunity to work eh..
I tried looking for normal jobs like flyer distributer or customer service..
THEY DUN WANT ME LEH! Darn bad. Maybe they tot i looked too bimbo alr..
Maybeee..i should go for a office wear decent passport shoot hor..Then probably i got chance to work as Property agent. Got namecard sumore..So professional:D:D:D:D

Anyway, i've being staying home whole day lately..
Im using FUNSHION to watch online movies and dramas.
Quite good eh..Load super fast too.Heh..

And well, this explain how and where my fat booty come from.
Eat, sit, eat, sit and SLEEP.

Anyway, The charges for KBOX midnight session is only $8/pax meh?
Alot people were talking about it..But really 8bucks only??

Please let me know before i need to join member with SUA-GU.COM.SG

Anyway, the weather now is very cooling.
But please take care of your body.
Thou is not hot..but u still have to drink alot water before you dehydrate and sick.
And for the sake of your beautiful skin. :)

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