Those were the days...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How i got spotted:D

Oh ya..I forget the front verse!HAHAHA!

How fun?!!!
I miss singing with my brother!
I miss meeting the Girls!
I miss our House Mom Christine too!
I miss our outings toooooooo!=(
I miss being forfeit queen!:D

I still remember the very first time i stepped on the stage and sang.
Its HI idol, in my school.And i got in only 4th.:D:D:D
It was a great experience and those competitors/friends were really fun!
I miss them too!
Watched, "Just another pandora box".
Quite lame thou.LOL
And suppose to go Kbox with Veron and anqi, but our module interview pop out from no where and we failed to meet up!=((((
But its ok. Im having sorethroat=(
Super annoying kind.
I tried salt water but it doesn't works!


  1. waaaah..thx for missing me hur hur...sigh...really loh..those were the days :P

    I remember you being the most polite and humble babe of all.

  2. LOLOL!I was plain too shy la.LOL