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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I received my Egyptian magic cream(:
I know i can covered them with makeup, but i still wanna look good without them!:D

This are the scars im refering to.(:
And that is how i hide my scars with concealer and cottonbud.

You must be thinking..why my eyes still looked so big even without makeup.
See..all this white dots, this is how it should looks when you are using cottonbud to apply concealer.To me i think is always better to reduce the amount of concealer used on your face..
So that it doesn't clog your pores that much.(:
And it just gonna look uglier if your face is covered with patches of concealer..and harder to blend your powder with your concealer too:D
This are all what i experiment and experience.
Correct me if im wrong..EXPERTS(:

Your face should feel lighter now.
I hope so?:D
Ya..i know im quite pale. :(
My makeup normally will oxidise and my face will turn oily went im home.
Or im staying out late..Thats very normal.
You can use a oil blot paper in this case to reduce the excess oil before you re-apply more powder. But it's not encourage to use oil blotting paper if you're not with makeup on.
HAHA! doesn't know why..but thats what i learned from google, beautician, doctor.:D
I hope it works! Don't blame me if they doesnt ok!:)

Yes, i was greeted by a Super big centipete at my doorstep.
A fake ones..of course..
Prank 3, lizard....
My mum bought all this just to prank us..
All this is consider ok..
I still remember when i was in Primary 6, i was having my tuition.
When i open my pencil case, i gave a hell shock of my life.
Now Im commando trained already since I'm 5.:D

Met with sheena for dessert!
I think those helmets looked like M&M chocolates.
Anyway, will update you all if the egyptian magic cream is working on me!(:
I felt like buying kawaii tokyo Brighten up spot solution stick..
It seems good. About 3.8g? And..$60++..
But can get it cheaper online about $35++ if using mastercard(:
OMG! Do advise me if i should buy it..

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