Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunglass for hiding my naked eyes.LOL

This is now..:D
Almost cleared face. With little red marks.
I hope i didn't scared you now..Cos a scarier ones is coming....:D:D:D

And now...





Still left few red marks.The flash blocked up some of them:D
Needa see closely(:
RECOVERED! face is fairer than my neck even without makeup!=(
Y0u must drink sufficient water in order for the medicine to work at its 101%.
Just one days, i can alr see the effect.
And third day, its almost cleared and left few red tiny scars.
The bumps and craps all reduced. (:
For me it recovers quite fast as i dun really get such problems..
If yours are constantly having such acne and bumps..
It may takes longer time..And i cannot guarantee that yours will work as well like mine.(:
But you can try.
My mum ask me to stop going back as she thinks it should be fine alr..
But i guess i might need to take few more weeks of antibiotic to stabilise my condition.
I like this laksa! From yishun:D

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