Stupid Connection

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My stupid connection, even set a password, the server still down severe times.
I couldn't even play my game just peacefully for 5mins.=.=

Might as well sleep man.

Having shoot tml. Yea..i "SEE OPEN" alr..
Sometimes, sacrifies a bit is good for long run:D

Regarding the skin treatment, im currently not on any sunblock, toner, moisturiser, masks and anything.
Only using the cleanser given by Dr chan and the UDM cream.
So far so good.(:

The theory from him was..all the stuff i used was one common mistake that many girls who has acne-prone skin has made.He banned all my skin care..And restricted to his stuff only:D
The other reasons were from my friend who was a beautician who told me,
It's either too much application of different items crashes or the unsuitable items used.

So...don't be too greedy like me k!:D

We need toner basically to close the pores after cleansing so it doesn't look visible.
But if only we can cleanse our face really well, and stop touching our face with our dirty fingers and probably wipe your face with wet tissue instead of oil blotting paper..toner might not be the essential..And for moisturiser, i does thinks that Dr chan was right..

It's an optional and best not to use..especially for oily and acne prone skin. Thou the logic that our face produce more oil serum when its dry and cause pimple..and that's why moisturiser is imprt. but think about it..

It produce more serum as our skin is dry..we can replace moisturiser with drinking more water and balance the PH level in our body and hydrate the skin..So our skin may be able to produce a healthy amount of oil instead of excessive oil that would cause pimple.

Sounds reasonable.
And That's how Dr chan work it out such impressive treatment..

Simple three step and you can get healthier looking skin.
Cleanse, apply cream, drink water..

Seriously, i must say..I think i look fairer now:D
Towards a glowing fairness..I think the amount of water that i've taken kind flush out the toxin.:D
Or maybe i think too much:D:D:D:D

HAHA! Correct me if im wrong.
But some say for acne scar treatment, Dr chan's cream wasn't working well.
So many of them stopped visiting him after their acne cleared and went to other Dr for their treatment or other products that can be found in retail to cure.:D

Anyway, i still felt bit unsecure if i stopped my treatment after 3 weeks:D
So i probably might be going back for the last time b4 i stopped.(:

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