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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hello people.
After many years of try out(Sounds like a mad scientist), i realised jogging is still the best way of reducing weight and burning fats.
Haha..im actually not as thin as you guys might think. I looked boney but my butt and thighs are seriously FAT!:D

Recently, i've being really healthy. For sake of my skin, i reduce oily food, stopped fried food and taking porridge almost every lunch and chewing on tomatoes..And have very little carb at night.
And drank loads of water...(:
My weight really drops from 47kg to 46kg withing 3days..
But...currently, im having fever..and im taking only porridge for my three meals.
Very bad for health, i know=(
But again, im losing weight.

Im losing the top body weight instead of the bottom fats.
Very very bad. It makes my pear shape body looked even more obvious.
There's no permanent ways to slim and burns off the fats of ur thighs only by toning it.
Squating for 10-15mins is good. It will tone you inner thigh in just 1week.
I used to do that when im much more obsessed with weight loss.

But now, im so lazy uh! Hahaha. For at least i knew what are the ways that really works.
But im very sure, losing weight is not the most important thing to girls..
It's how the guys felt about them. Most girls wanted to slim because they wanna look great.
Looking great to impress the guys. And hoping the guys will be attracted to them.Agree?

Girls are never contented. This kind of mindset is inborne in every of them.
Bo bian one( "No choice" in hokkien).

To me, we should start to learn to feel grateful for what we have now.
It's ok to look pretty but the health is much more important.
So..do not go for Bulimic or being anorexic to slim.
Really..you will hate yourself sooner or later once you started it.
It's like depression.

The best way is to love yourself, stare in the mirror everyday about 10sec..
Tell yourself you are beautiful.
Psycho yourself that you are not alone. You are good enough. Stop focusing on the trouble areas but looking at it overall. You will slim naturally when you're controlling yourself and understanding yourself well. You will never slim if you are always critising yours fats and stuff.
You just make them more obvious. The main motive of this is to boost your confidence.
Taiwan singer, Jolin tsai does that everyday, in fact for 15mins! Just to boost her confidence.

Lastly, light exercise like walking everyday for 15mins is good too.
Drank plenty of water and ate fruits. Reduce oily and salty food.
Replace Sugar with honey if any possible. And......SLEEP EARLY, REST MORE!

I hope this gonna help.. Please ditch away the feeling of going slimming centre.
PLEASE!!! Don't waste your money~~~

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