Monday, April 26, 2010

Im happy to know im in animation course.
As i know my price tag for animation in poly is not just $1800.
We are worth more than business grad student.
10x more! Hooray to all animation grumpy student.

Start to work hard now and earn our $18k or more per month salary!
Im not those hardcore ass kisser for my course one..
Seriously, it's how money drive people to work even harder!:D
Power of $$$$$......

Cos we are no longer a $1800 poly grad. And that's for sure.
Unless you are very lazy like me uh.

The problem for animators is...
Business people can earn their income by hooked or by crooked.
But animators can only earn their income by hooked.
And that is to attract audience to enjoy their films and movies.

Anyway, im not saying business student is crook but they always has an alternative to earn their money from anywhere. Unlike the poor little animators like us. We just gonna work harder!

Work hard people.
Be it Business or animators, work smart more than work hard.
You know you are only given only 24hrs a day(:

I just do not believe in any investment to earn money.
It just sounds so crooky to me. Like ya earning your money from "Cheating" people.
Worst still, might be somebody you know.
Im poor but im very sure, i can earn big bucks someday if i really want to.
Im not talented but i would say im lucky.(:

Never think that you are stupid or you are useless.
Give yourself a chance to work hard.
Don't be like me..I used to say myself stupid and im developing more and more retard each time i convince myself im stupid. LOL!
Sometimes, must be bit thick-skin nah..tell yourself you are smarter than some of them.
You feel better, you worked anything better.

If you know me, you will be surprise by the way i worked my assignments and stuff.
Im super slack and lazy. But i work smart.(:

Again, we are only given 24hrs only. and a lifetime to enjoy.
How do i earn income and reduce burden to my family and to enjoy the most out of my life?
Knwing what you need and understand what you want.

Some people would say, "It's too late for you to start working..You year 3 already than you start to plan your future."

But, i always feels that, nothing in this world is call late if you are still kicking alive.
Try your best kkk!
And also, i must keep myself reminded all times as this is my last year.
I must finished it smoothly and enjoy my next life..
OHH SORRY! is not next life is "the rest of my time" i mean. ;D

Don't too stress out. Only if you rest and Salck bit..your brain will start to think.
That's my theory la..and that's how i worked.(:

From one of my lecturer,
in order to learn more things, you must empty your cup so that there will be enough space for you to fill it up.(:

To much of talking already,
chill la...let's watched some nice short movies kk!(:

Very inspiring indeed.(:
Yes, somebody could go all the way just to get what they want.
But the problem is how we start!:D
Earning alot of money is good but towards a good and decent way is much more important.

Im fine living under small small hut, so long my stomach is always filled and the water is always full in my bottle..and always get to smell nice food and hear the annoying voice that wakes me up in the morning for school... Im happy already.(:
Im bad in saying or describing but it's always something that i really hope you guys can appreciate little changes around you too!(:

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