Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Im still using Dr chan's scar cream and i wasn't that obedient la..
I secretly do mask and use other creams to get my face hydrated when the pills im taking suppose to reduce my oil. LOLOL

Im using pearl mask. i think it works eh..
I did not touch on photoshop on all this photos(:

Dun worry! What u are seeing now is what you should be seeing me on the street.:D
Already many people recognise me uh.. LOL

For now, My face was fairer and my concealer can really
blend better even without thick coats of powder.
I must say...my face tone is naturally fairer than my neck/shoulder even without makeup.

Doing too much whitening to my face already.=((
Sometimes i might have to use my powder one tone darker to blend it.

If not many people will thought that my powder was too thick..
My face like ghost la...too fair la..Makeup skill poor la..
Hmm.i tried my best la.But the truth is hurtful..

My face is fair even without makeup..
It's really hard even to proof i use only one layer of powder nowadays.
And i got no choice for not to use whitening products as i seriously needs to clear my scars!

So far, Dr chan's treatment worth the price and trip(:
You guys can give it a try uh.

It's always good to maintain your skin now even you have flawless skin.
You didn't know one day those enemies starts the war next morning you wake up..
You will regret. Trust me.

Im one of the victim of such war.=(

Maintaining now not only helps to look better now but also
helps to take off your age when you grew older.
Probably, you still looked 20s when ya in your 30s.

Yea?Like my eldest sis..
She's in her 30s..but she still looked young.
And my mum, another vain ones..looked 3os even in her 40s.

Ok la..we all vain pot. But its good you know.
At least, your husband not gonna ditch you
when you started having wrinkles or fine lines. And it's how beautiful life is when everybody around you tells that you looked as young and pretty. RIGHT?!:D

Yea..if a guy loves u..he loves you for who you are.
But!!!!! He will of course prefer you to look chio(pretty) right?!
This is reality! Face it!
I look old..BO BIAN(No choice) ONE!=(
Just gonna maintain this look all the way till 30s, 40s..and hope 50s i still look hot uh!:D

End of the thick double lash.
I prefered the normal one layered lash still!
Much more comfy and natural.
I ended my class at 1pm..LUCKY!
If not i gonna sneeze one whole day without my Panadol flu max.
I took my second dosage..
It didn't seems to work well. =(

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