Caught in rain

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Im bit sick again=(
Caught in the rain ytd and was sneezing my nose away!!!!
Im starting my school tml. OMG! My freedom gona be locked up in NYP again.
Tell you, my monday class till 9pm lo! WTF =.=
Anyway, i found a new love for skin product(:
For whitening and reducing acne scar, i guess UNT should works really well.
I tried their charcoal cleanser. It's really good!(:
But you must be faithful user la. Once you stop and change other products, and try to use it back again, it dun works well for you again.

I probably gonna get one EX WHITE 2 soon:D

I got my stuff here!(:
Let me know the result if you already tried b4 eh!:D:D:D

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