Friday, April 30, 2010

A sneak peek of the advert assignment im working on with my sweetest Veron.
Please tell me they looked cute! ok ok ok?!
I must admit, im good at doing nonsense than animations. xD
Campbell slogan...Mmm mm good...=.=
But their slogan more nonsense.
Now I realised why many girls were saying whitening is tough.
Is not just looking fairer is tough..
Is how you looked fair for both face and neck and shoulder and body is the one is tough.
Especially for me who doesn't used sunblock. haha..
But we can always opt for a spf-based foundation uh..(:
My scar cream is finishing..And my old scars is still there.=(
But the good thing was my face look much healthier and rosy.


Ok..i know my chubby face needs some trimming!
Don't remind me ok! I willl emo want.

After my fried rice, i ordered roast duck drumstick and finished it alone.
Oh noooo......i think my spare tyre growing behind my lower back
is stronger than Hankook and bridgestone tyre already.

Clean bone = That's it.
FHA SHOW@EXPO with Chanel babe.(:
Charlotte and Gillian was there!(:
HAHA! Right now im two tone fairer than my previous skin tone
that you see in my previous Muaythai shoot entry.(:

Im using pearl and sakura mask(:
Quite cheap uh..Can get them from Sasa too(:
Anyway..i was quite disturb upon knowing that Rihanna, beyonce ,lady gaga , michael jackson, TAYLOR SWIFT...was some fo the famous artist who worship satan!
I was like so so so shocked and it's really scary if you were to playback/reverse their recent song ..You will kinda realised there is a hidden message. Shaming the God and Praising Satan..

I just feel like puking after knowing the truth and was totally devastating and upsetting..
All along we were being make use of to worship the evil..

Un-intentionally, shame the God by singing the songs by those singers.
One HORROR analysed for Rihanna's Behaviour and stuff;
Very disappointing eh.. In fact when we felt that we are so innocent and harmless and loyal and devoted to God..... And this truth came out and slapped us just like that.
We accidentally worshipped Satan and Disgrace God.
Im not somebody who is very Holy or a Saint..But it just make me felt so filthy
when we are singing their song and don't even know the hidden message behind them.
Singing them so loud..playing them on MP3, on youtube..
Using them as ringtone..and worst sending/bluetoothing them to others..

I bet the christian just gonna hate themselves just like i do now.=((
Anyway, i stopped my r&b and stuff already.
I deleted quite few songs off my music gallery leaving only
those much more harmless music there....


I was just kidding bout that:D
I did delete most of the songs uh..but keep only few artist who didn't seems to have any surfaced rumours like those others uh..
I know my reaction is too big but i really cannot stand it.

Dear lord, please guide me~~Enlighten me.

Anyway, im a buddism.
A normal buddism who doesn't follow the vegetarian rules..
but...i do chant and pray every morning when im awake.
That's what my mum always tells me to...
She believed that if only you prays everyday,

God will eventually.....
find you irritating and no choice had to clear your doubts.

Nola..i added that bold lines myself.
Sorry i was just kidding..No offence.;(

My mum just told me to be faithful in praying thats all.
She believed that if only we believed in what you are praying to..
We will grow up strong and be blessed in whatever we do.

Im a strong believer of Buddism and Jesus too.(:
I doesn't have any conflict with religion too.
So please do not attacked me with your religion hur. Thank you.

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