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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The one eyed thing is getting real.=(
2012 might be their* plans.
The death of michael jackson is something to do with them*.
I do my part by not listening to those R&B created by them*.
I hope they* not going to hurt me for my anti-satanism entry.
It's very real. And i doesn't wanna believe the wrong ones..
Right now, we still be able to smile and have fun..
but we will not be able to do so..when the date is near.
I know they* are planning.
The illumnati..
Change the "OK" hand sign to this "PEACE"sign.
Don't be the next victim of this evil.
They are never going to do you good.
They are infecting the hollywoods..and might be coming to us anytime.

2012..might be they project.
Now you all Michael jackson's fans...
He's murdered by them*.

Definitely not natural death..
All the raping case and skin problems and whatever stuff is all a plot by them*.
Before his death, he wanted to warn everybody..
but it was too late.

He knew he was wrong and he forced himself to change and he did manage to save himself.
He's courage is indeed worth our tears for his death.

We can still support him and love him by doing what he would love us to do..
Never turn to satan, never trust them.

I must say not a christian or catholic..
Im a buddism..but i do believe that No matter what religion we have...
We all also going thru old and death..but never lost to the evil for money or fame.
It's a great disappointment.

This is like my first time talking so much bout such creepy stuff eh.
This is how much i felt so guilty and worried bout it.=(((

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