Monday, May 10, 2010

Im growing fatter.
See my tummy..
I think it doesn't sounds any better! =(((
Will be updating my malaysia trip photos soon!:D
I ate

Anyway, im sorry to those blogshop whose engaing me for blogshop shoot.
It's my honour to have this opportunity.
But i would be happy to have a better exchange/trade in future.(:
It's will likely be beta to be at a more convenience area and a reasonable timing.(:
I know i very picky. Forgive me. I doesn't like to overspend my working time over my chilling moment. It's really hard for an animator or digital media student to get a rest you see.:X

So the time being i will only be available on Sat..
Due to my busy shedule.
For weekdays..probably only monday and thur is fine(:
Email me for more details.

For private shoot, im only doing fashion or theme.
No lingerie and bikini.(:

Don't email me for lingerie shoot anymore..
As i've stated myself super clear..and still many asking..Very annoying know...*shake head*

Might be doing a shoot for hypertune mag..Hope it's a good deal.:D:D:D
I ended my class today at 10.30pm!
Super sleepy.=((
Im having morning class at 10am tml.=((((
And after class be satying to finish my motion graphic assignment.
After assignment..
i need to rush down for interview for nextmodelling agency=((
So much things to do...=( tired already.i needa rest! RAWR~

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