Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Malaysia one day trip.
I woke up at 5.30am..
Prepared and ready around 6.15am.

Then we took the coach to checkpoint. Darn sleepy. I swear man!
First stop..We had breakfast at some Ulu kopitiam.
The dim sum which was half price cheaper in singapore.
But the taste also 50% gone la.=X

Next, went to visit temple..
We went to three different temple.. always having food in my mouth..
Wherever and whenever i go..haaha


Our lunch were consider decent.LOL
Very home dish plus posh ingredient.
Our dinner were better!
My phone low batt..couldn't take any more photos for my dinner!
No more beauti-FOOD memories liao..=(


Visited many historical temple.
I was praying half way, and i saw this cute little thing walk pass me.
I pick her up and my mum took a photo for me.
Indeed, she was so much lighter than PASTA when pasta was a baby too.

Cute right..LOL

The DAR-MO chinese lengendary hero
half of the body was carve on a 100years old longan tree.
To preserve the tree, they apply some chemical stuff to it..
Such that the smell would oso stay in the chemical itself.
They believed that if you and DAR-MO has the fate..
You will smell a light scent of longan from this statue.
Ok..Me no fate..Cos i smell nothing=(

I just finished my art and history 2 pages of report.(:
Need to work on my cambell soup advertisement assignment tml with veron.
OMG!!!!!! My life sucks man.=(

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